7tech.biz Review – Scam or Real

Is 7tech.biz a scam or real? The following review on the analysis of its basic statistics can help you learn more about the HYIP project.


7tech.biz is a new and risky platform for high yield investments though it provides profitable income of 10%, 15% and 20% daily. We are not sure whether it can consistently afford to pay for all investors. Thus, please pay attention to its payment status since it may turn into a scam at any time.

7tech.biz Payment Status: Not sure

We have not invested on the HYIP platform.

You can click here to check the payment status on Allhyipmonitors.

Attention: High risks always exist especially in high yield investments.

Risks of 7tech.biz

7tech.biz investment plan

Similar to Cryptocloud.bid and Cloudster.cc

Lack of evidence to prove it is paying

Not sure about its lifetime

We are not sure whether it is a scam or real. High risks lurk in high profits.

What is a Pozi Scheme?

A Pozi Scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator pays returns to its investors with the money from new clients instead of earnings through legitimate sources.

You can click here to see how to avoid HYIP scams.

Are you scammed by 7tech.biz?

You can share your experience or post your proof of payment in the following comment section.


7tech.biz offers 10% referral commissions and 15% representative commissions in addition to high rewards. Therefore, we hope you can invest prudently depending on your own judgment since the site may be offline at any time. Hope you will be successful!


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