Honestlook.me Review – Scam or Legit

Is Honestlook.me a scam or legit? The following review about its basic statistics and potential risks may give you some inspirations.


Honestlook.me is a long-term HYIP project offering 3% – 4% daily for 100 days and a 3-level profitable affiliate program of 10% – 3% – 1%. It is a little difficult to find its payment proofs since the site is newly online with potential risks.


Honestlook.me Payment Status: Not sure

We have not invested on the HYIP project.

You can click here to check the payment status on Allhyipmonitors.

Attention: No one can sure HYIP sites are 100% secure.

Risks of Honestlook.me

Have high risks to be a scam

Much variable factors

Lack of evidence to prove its paying status

We are all not certain about the payment status and the lifetime of the HYIP site.

How to be a HYIP professional?

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Are you scammed by Honestlook.me?

You can share your experience or post your proof of payment in the following comment section.


Honestlook.me seems one of the long-term HYIP sites promising lucrative payments. However, you had better invest with caution since the new site may possibly turn into a scam at any time. Good luck and hope you will be successful!


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Fx-alliance.com –  2.1% daily for 15 days 

Datebitcoin – 3% for 50 days and 5% for 30 days 

Btclab.io – 3.6% hourly forever and 5% referral bonus 

Lightbitcoin.com – 20% daily forever and 5-level referral bonus





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