Hourinvests.com Review – 8.4%-16.8% daily forever

Hourinvests.com was launched by Hourinvests.come in 2017 which making business mainly about the bitcoin trading and bitcoin mining. The current members of the team come from different scientific disciplines. It is easy to start your adventure by the deposit of 0.005 BTC. Then you can seize the chance of earning 0.7% hourly forever.


Whois Record for Hourinvests.com

Domain: Created on 2017-09-13; Expires on 2018-09-13; Updated on 2017-10-23

View its whois record to learn more about the HYIP project before making a decision to minimize the risks.

Hourinvests.com paying? Problem

We have invested $300 in the HYIP project. Now it is really paying.

Please check Hourinvests.com payment status on Nhyip monitor.

Please check Hourinvests.com payment status on Hyipmonitorz.com.

Hourinvests.com Profitable?

View their plans:


Pay attention:

•The minimum deposit is 0.005 BTC and the maximum is 200 BTC.

•The minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC and the payment is processed instantly.

Attractive Affiliate program:

The first level is 5%, second level is 2%, and third level is 1%.


Payment Mode:


Payment System:


Hourinvests.com Scam?


•Instant Payment.

•Real-time data

•Highly Secured and stability


•Newly online with uncertain risks

•Not sure about its lifetime

Analysis of Hourinvests.com Project

You can first try the plan 1 to earn 8.4% for 1 day if you can not afford high risks. If you get your profits in 48 business hours, you can decide whether to reinvest or not. Also, you can send support e-mail to track the transaction and profit.


Hourinvests.com is successful in Bitcoin trading and mining  by using the advanced technologies. Interest will accumulate on your account balance automatically. You just need to withdraw daily or several times a day in case of unexpected anomalies. However, you should be aware of the potential risks as challenges will occur at any time. Good luck and hope you will be successful!


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