Review – Scam or Paying

Is a scam or paying? You may find the answer in the following review based on the analysis and investigations of its basic statistics may be helpful to you. is managing high yield investments in the field of medicine since it has developed a new cure called Lipitoden, which will replace the popular before – Lipitor. It is offering 2% – 4.5% daily for worldwide investors in order to accelerate their development. However, potential risks can never be neglected. Payment Status: Not sure

We have not invested on the HYIP project.

You can click here to check the payment status on Allhyipmonitors.

Attention: No one can sure HYIP sites are 100% secure.

Overview of investment plan

Investment plans:

2% daily for 60 days (Min $5 – Max $500)

3% daily for 40 days (Min $501 – Max $1,000)

4.5% daily for 30 days (Min $1,001 – Max $100,000)

Affiliate program4% – 2% – 1%

Unknown about its prospect

Where to find a paying HYIP project?

If you are confused about HYIP investment and have no idea to choose a  reliable one, you may get practical suggestions by reading the articles on the working process of a HYIP monitor.

Are you scammed by

You can share your experience or post your proof of payment in the following comment section.

Conclusion seems an ideal solution for high yield investments considering its stable development in the last 1 month. However, there are still some uncertain risks on the HYIP site since no one can be sure about its lifetime. We advise you to invest rationally to minimize the risks of losing your money. Good luck to you!


Best paying HYIPs – 21%-31% daily for 5 days –  2.1% daily for 15 days – 113% after 10 calendar 10 days – 3% for 50 days and 5% for 30 days 





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