Splitt.co Review – Earn up to 4.7% daily

Splitt.co was launched by Splitt Corp Ltd., which focuses on investment on cloud mining. Splitt’s Cryptocurrency Cloud Server offers a user-friendly way to conduct cryptocurrency mining from home at any time. It is suitable for amateurs and cryptocurrency experts working on a larger scale. The cloud mining service offers a fresh alternative to traditional means of cryptocurrency mining.

Whois Record for Splitt.co

Domain: Created on 2018-04-04; Expires on 2023-04-04; Updated on 2018-05-12.

View its whois record to learn more about the HYIP project before making a decision to minimize the risks.

What does HYIP monitors assess on Splitt.co?  Problem

Please check Splitt.co payment status on Nhyip monitor.

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Payment details:


•Minimum deposit:10$

Note: Bitcoin payment method is eligible for promotions.

•Minimun withdrawal: 10$(Only Bitcoin accepted)


• Excellent Pricing

• Excellent Transparency and Service Delivery

• Different coins simultaneously

• Efficient and faster GPU Mining and ASIC Mining

• Five countries located

• Using offline wallet for keeping the security for savings


Two-Factor-Authentication: Password; Google Authentification.

Affiliate program:

4% for each approved referral – up to 20,000 $ Membership Reward per calendar year.


Referred users must use at least $10 in payments to be counted as verified sales.

Payouts are finalized and issued right on time.


• Exchange rate issues

Considering cryptocurrencies’ exchange rate is changing every day, it is not promised that you will earn more money than your deposit.

• Investment risk

As a investment, it is not sure if this project is promising. Please think twice before take actions.


For high profits and low deposits, Splitt.co is a better option than other sites that require more than 10$ to start. As usual, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!



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