Weenzee.com Review – 0.92%-1.19% for 360 days

Hello everyone! Welcome again to the NHYIP Blog for the high-profit HYIP projects. And please pay attention to the potential possibilities and opportunities. NHYIP provides an excellent platform for those good HYIP projects. 

The main focus of today’s post is a trial listed program to the NHYIP called Weenzee.com which is a network of cryptocurrency specialists, traders and financiers seeking to manage a market for $ 200,000,000,000.They have gathered a Team of cryptocurrency Specialists, Professional Traders and Financiers with unique knowledge which are from Singapore, countries of Central Asia, as well as specialists from Europe and the UK.

Whois Record for Weenzee.com

Domain: Created on 2018-08-15; Expires on 2023-08-15; Updated on 2018-11-28

View its whois record to learn more about the HYIP project before making a decision to minimize the risks.

What do HYIP monitors assess on Weenzee.com?  Problem 

Please check Weenzee.com payment status on Nhyip monitor.

How to invest on Weenzee.com?

• Register on the Weenzee website.

  For users from China, we recommend registering using qq.com, 163.com email addresses

• Fill up the balance of a multi-currency wallet. How? Here is a link to instructions (link)

• Go to the tab “create a Weenzee portfolio” 

• Select the currency of the created portfolio

• Enter the investment amount: (from 30 WNZ – ∞)

• Select the duration of the portfolio: 30, 60, 90, 180, 360 days.

• On the right side of the screen, click “Create Portfolio”.

Investment plans

• 0.65%-0.92% for 30 days

• 0.81%-1.08% for 60 days

• 0.85%-1.12% for 90 days

• 0.89%-1.16% for 180 days

• 0.92%-1.19% for 360 days


Payment details


Weenzee.com doesn’t offer a minimum / maximum limit. You can purchase as many WNZ units as you wish.


There are three types of transactions in the Weenzee.com system: replenish a multicurrency wallet, withdrawal of funds from a multicurrency wallet to external wallets and internal funds transfers between participants.


Payment systems:

Weenzee.com accepts WNZ or any other currency (BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, DASH, ETC, XRP, ZEC and USD)

What bonuses are provided on Weenzee.com system?

Weenzee.com has developed a program of incentives for the development of the structure and expansion of geography of 8*8. There are 8 leadership statuses and 8 levels of downline structure:

• There is a daily bonus up to 20% to the profit of a personal portfolio, which depends on the status of the leader.

• There is affiliate bonus up to 22% from structure deposits from 8 downline network levels.

• There is daily partner bonus up to 13% from profit of the structure from 8 downline network levels.


• Professional team

• Artificial intelligence

• SSL certificate Hourly profit


•Newly online with uncertain risks

•Not sure about its lifetime


Now I have finished the topic. After reading it, are you familiar with the advantages and the plans of the program? Weenzee.com has no limitation in deposit amount, but it has the high proceeds. Just treat Weenzee.com like any other HYIP and behave accordingly. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can afford to lose. If you have plans to invest in some HYIP projects, try and keep Weenzee.com.


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